Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Applications of Geomorphology in Mineral Prospecting, Civil Engineering, Hydrology, Environmental Studies (IAS Questions)

Discuss the role of geologists in engineering projects. 1974
Describe- Geomorphological studies can be applied to prospecting of minerals, civil constructions and environmental studies. 2002
What aspects a geologist should investigate for selecting a tunnel site on a hill slope? 2002
Describe the methods of geological prospecting giving their applications and limitations. Add a note on geobotanical prospecting methods. 2003
Write brief notes on-Legislative measures for environmental protection in India. 2003
Discuss the methods of geophysical prospecting defining their principle and parameters. Describe any one method and its application. 2004
Write notes in 200 words on Rocks as construction material. 2004
Write about the geological investigations of a Dam site. 2004
Discuss the following: a) Water-bearing characteristics of rocks. b) Engineering properties of rocks. 2005
Discuss in 200 words about Classification of Aquifers. 2005
What is understood by Airborne Magnetic Survey? With the help of suitable diagrams, describe its utility as a suitable geophysical exploration method. 2005
Discuss the following: a) Groundwater recharge and various recharging methods. b) Geological investigations for tunnel alignment. 2006
Write about the relationship between Geomorphology and Hydrogeology. 2007
Discuss the following: a) Groundwater chemistry b) Geological investigation for bridges. 2007


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  2. sir can u tell me Geology with geography are gud optionals.I m from the field of engg. in computer sciences, and i ve no knowledge abt geology ,so wat kind of subject it is and wat kind of preparation it needs.very kind of u if u tell me the detail

  3. Namaskar sir i'm a geology student &i'm completed my bcs on geology hons, so if u want to suggest me a beautiful suggestion for my future I shall grtful to u. have nice day

  4. sir plz me the material what you have...i m preparing for civil services....

  5. hello sir,
    i'm earth science student of indian institute of science education and research,kolkata planning to appear for ias with geology optional.but i'm not getting much strategy,materials,guidance on please if you have some links materials etc useful for me please post.and also if some mode of contact with successful people with geology optional.
    waiting eagerly for your reply

  6. No updates at all ...just a couple of posts with previous year questions..please donot waste people's time with these orphan blogs...